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CIASTRO ENTOROLOGY� In laparoscopy surgery we are the leader. In a year we perform about 1400 difficult laparoscopic surgical procedures like stone of gallbladder, appendicitis, gynecological operations etc.
We perform upper g1 Endoscopies, Lower g1 coloscopy on regular basis for both diagnostic and therapeutic work. Endoscopically we do therapeutic works like Varicoal banding, sclerotherapy achalasia cardia dilatation, bleeding stomch. Ulcer injection,biospsy, foreign body removal along with SMR of small gastric tumours to diagnose cancer at an early stage.Colonoscopiclly we do polypectomy etc.

We do have ERCP facility. We treat CBD stones, Stricture,lek etc by ERCP method,for which our centre is famous and the only centre in western Odisha for this job.
Laparoscopic hernia surgeries with mesh placement TEP,TAPP) are done on regular basis.

PCNL is a highly technical job needs extreme expertise of the Urologist.In our centre we are doing PCNL regularly since last 7 years, with great success, with single hole surgery.

An alternate method of PCNL is ESWL. Smaller kidney stones are broken by ESWL without surgical operations. Patient goes back home some days and performed in different sittings.
Ureteric stones are very painful and dangerous stones affecting kidney function to great extent. Such stones are broken by lithotripsy through ureteroscope. This URSL is very much patient friendly, no cutting needed, performed through natural hole of Urethra; with great success.
Urinary bladder stones are also broken by endo-lithotripsy.
Prostate overgrowith (BHP) or cancers are treated by TURP method through natural hole of urethra. This is extremely patient friendly, no cutting needed and much more convenient in cold age.
Hypospadius plastic surgery, undescended testes laparoscopy surgery are regularly performed.
We are identified in the lot for our success in Fistula surgery. We have record of repair of complicated VVF, RVF and laparoscopic cystocell repair and pelvic flour repair.
Renal transplant; Andrological care in our future planning.

Cancer of all types and all sites of the body are operated by well experienced cancer surgeons and chemo therapy induced when required more than 350 different types of cancer operations conducted in this hospital and about 640 patients given chemotherapy till date.

ORTHOPAEDICS:-Different types of orthopedics cancer like back pain, Joined pain, Bone weakness are treated successfully, here Arthroscopic spine surgery, knee arthroscopy, knee and hip replacement surgery are our specialties.Besides general fracture operation by internal fixation etc, in a regular phenomena with us.

GYNACOLOGY AND OBSTETRIC CARE:- Normal deliveries (baby birth), caesarian section, critically ill infant/ baby care etc, in the usual day to day work in our hospital. Besides, we do laparoscopic ovary or uterus operations like TLH, LAVH ETC, by ultra-modern techniques.

ENT-CARE-(HED AND NECK CANCER) Difficult thyroid surgery, Eardrum surgery foreign body removals etc, are our regular work. Our specialists in this field are very enthusiastic and caring.

BARIATRIC (OBESITY) SURGERY AND METABOLIC SURGERY:- Over weight is the demon, which kills a patient slowly. Our specialists are expert in laparoscope without big cutting open the abdomen. Gastric sleeve or by pass operation we do for weight by 4-6 kgs every month. Diabetes, Blood pressure, knee pain, sleep apneas reduces after this surgery along with reduction of weight.

DIABETES CARE AND DIABETICFOOT SURGERY:- Our doctors are careful about diabetes and its complications like diabetic foot. With medicine, weight reduction, diet control they reduce/ control diabetics and care for diabetic foot etc.

DIALYSIS:- Peritonal dialysis and Haemodialysis are regularly done in our dialysis centre. Expert doctors and technicians are on their toes round the clock for dialysis work to help ehronic kidney failure patients in this hospital.

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Laparoscopic surgeries of all types-9900.Critical surgeries-26.Gynacological operation-160(both open and laparoscopic).ENT operation-66.And many more .

  • Orthopaedic surgery(general fracture operation)-470.
  • Spine surgeries-16.
  • Orthoscopic knee and shoulder operation-14.

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