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Dr P.K mishra (UROLOGIST)                                                                      Dr J.R Mahapatra(medical gastro enterologist.)

Dr S.R Satpathy,(nephrologists)                                                                Dr S Dash (nephrologists)

Dr A.G Samal (laparoscopic surgeon, Therapeutic, endoscopies.)  Dr S. K Sasank (coloproetologist)

Dr S Prakash (barbaric surgeon)                                                               Dr S. R Dash (gynecologists)

Dr R Roy (gynecologists)                                                                             Dr P Dey (arthroscopist)

Dr K Sahu (orthopedic surgeon)                                                                Dr S. D Kumar (physician)

Dr S. K Padhe (physician)

Dr P Keshree (oncosurgeon)

Dr K Mishra (oncologists)

Dr R Singh (anesthetist)

Dr A Patel (critical care, interventionist and anesthetist)

Dr P Sethi (pediatrician)

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Laparoscopic surgeries of all types-9900.Critical surgeries-26.Gynacological operation-160(both open and laparoscopic).ENT operation-66.And many more .

  • Orthopaedic surgery(general fracture operation)-470.
  • Spine surgeries-16.
  • Orthoscopic knee and shoulder operation-14.

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